how to get instagram followers free

To get followers on Instagram, you must first commit concretely and consistently, to do so we decided to suggest some non-invasive techniques that do not fall in any kind of form of spam.

So arm yourself with a lot of will power, desire to do, but most of all lots and lots of patience because the results are not immediate, but it may take you to achieve important goals.

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Define your goal

This is the first step to achieve the goal you hoped. To attract more followers as possible, you’ll have to find a target on which to operate, and post images as much as possible related to your choice. If you choose to focus on a target audience of users of the technology lovers, it is useless to postiate photos of lunches or breakfasts.

Ensure that your account is addictive

Make your own eye-catching and attractive account is the next step to choosing the right target. Set a description that associates users and set a photo profile of note. Yes the picture profile as a logo, is the image that we give to possible followers, is critical of both quality to push the user who comes across your profile to decide whether to become your follower or not.

Use their own channels of communication and knowledge

You have chosen the targets? Well . You have made engaging your profile? Great . Are you ready to let you know! Nothing impossible it difficult, serves parire from the basics to begin with your friends Facebook or email vosri contacts will go very well, you just tell him that you too are on Instagram .

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Liaise with Instagram users

Once finished to involve their knowledge, it just has to explore the Instagram world, right because outside of our friends and acquaintances there is a world of opportunity and people, unknown to most, of possible future followers interested in your post. Never mind the various spam techniques, with 2987 hashtag (acnhe because Instagram has a limit of 30 #tag beyond which you will publish the photos without description and what will penalize) of like for like or follow for follow.

The best way to attract the attention of some Instagram user, with the aim of turning it into one of your followers, is to comment on the photos with comments that go beyond the classic “congratulations”, “beautiful picture” or “nice pic”, but rather trying to tease the user’s curiosity that often go to visit your profile to see what it is. We advise you to limit the comments to the photos published in the day or at most within two days of when you would like to comment on them, and preferably with a few comments received, between 4 and 6, for your to be noticed and not be overshadowed

constantly engage their followers

While find and increase followers is a slow and difficult process, losing followers is very simple and quick so if on the one hand you will have to continue searching at the same time you have to dedicate the same care in keeping followers already acquired. To do this you will need to post regularly quality images, if possible at least 1 day and comment on photos of user so-called influential or “influencers” to use a term of Instagram.

The quality will be a priority of any postiate content, so remember provided that if no valid material you have is better not to post anything. It may occur in the case where instead you find yourself in the gallery a good number of high quality images in that case what to do? Simple exploit this abbandonza in your favor, obviously avoiding post them all together, but ponderandole and organizing publications in the following days or if you really do not know withstand advise you to post them at least 5-6 hour intervals from each other.

For finally we leave you with the slogan “answer, always answer”, you must never, ever leave a comment a follower or user, whether you make a compliment than a criticism, without ever showing signs of closure to the maximum limit yourself in thanking in case of positive comment or ask why any criticism in the case of a negative comment.

Now that we have provided you with all the necessary information is up to you, your creativity and your imagination to increase your followers on Instagram!

Tell us about your experiences, we will be happy to offer you the knowledge!


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