Pokemon GO Tips: how to win all fights in arenas?

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If Pokémon GO does not fight wild Pokémon, the game offers the opportunity to challenge other trainers. Here are some tips for good video capture Pokémon fighting in arenas.

Fighting pokemon GO hack android and ios have a very specific purpose: they serve the cause of your team and help conquer the arena. To start a fight so you have to go near the arena.If the arena in question is already in the colors of a team, this means that it is occupied by at least one blocker and thus, one or more Pokémon rivals there.Conquer an enemy arena is done by reducing to zero prestige points.

Pokémon conquer arenas

Beat at least one Pokémon in this arena will lose prestige to it. Once the zero prestige points, the arena becomes white, that is to say neutral, and you can seize it by placing the colors of your team. When your team has an arena, you can add a Pokémon, as explained in the video above.

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Add a Pokémon in a friendly arena and this is very beneficial for several reasons.First, you can fight other Pokémon allies present in the arena. This saves you from experience trainer and increases the prestige of the arena. This is both a good move to strengthen the defenses of an allied arena, but also an easy way to increase your level and earn precious items at the same time. If your team manages to increase the prestige points at most, the arena pass a higher level and can accommodate more creatures.

The real advantage to keep a Pokemon in an arena is the collection of stardust and PokéCoins, the currency of the Pokémon universe. These gains are obtained via the game shop and are renewed every 21 hours.

To face an opposing arena, you must form June 1 Pokémon team. Choose well your team based on the power of your creatures but also their type. As explained in the video header, the letters PC are fighting points of your Pokémon. More PC is, the more powerful the Pokémon is.

The combat system

During battle in Pokemon GO hack android and ios, it is possible to perform 3 different actions: the standard attack, special attack and evasion. The standard attack is carried out by simply tapping the screen of your laptop. The special attack is activated when you press and hold the screen, however, it can not be done only if the gauge located on the top left is filled. Finally, it is possible to dodge enemy attacks by sliding your finger left or right. In addition to these basic functions, it is possible to escape a fight and change your Pokémon. Be careful though when you switch Pokémon, remember that the combat takes place in real time!